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From a humble beginning in a small room within the Uttoxeter Town Hall and the tireless work of local individuals Art & Soul has gained charitable status and a strongly recognised active role within the local area. In response to the lack of government funding and a high need for a drop in centre within the Uttoxeter area, Art & Soul has continued to go from strength to strength. Forming strong relationships with Staffordshire County Council, Trent & Dove Housing, local community services and other supportive organisations they have developed and extended their services to all individuals in the East Staffordshire area regardless of location or diagnoses. Their friendly, person centered, humanistic and positive approach has led them to win an Impact in the Community award and strengthened their commitment to offer their service as long as they are needed within the community.

Art & Soul provide a non-referral on site support and drop in service, as well as advice and communication with local Housing Associations, Health professionals and local government agencies.

Art & Soul offer short courses in vocational, life and recreational skills as a form of relaxation, rebuilding self-esteem and confidence. An opportunity for meaningful occupation in a supportive and pressure free environment for adults and young adults.

Through these supportive structures Art & Soul are enabling individuals to identify and overcome barriers to employment, to promote independence and community integration. They also offer opportunities for members to develop their own skills and become active volunteers.



2 thoughts on “Who we are

  1. Hi there

    I’ve just moved into the area and wondered if the group is open to other mental health service users. I’ve had depression since 1998 and was being seen in Stoke by the Healthy Minds network. I enjoy art.

    Best wishes


  2. Hi Julie…you would be more than welcome to come along. The opening of the new home of the Friendship Group will be on Wednesday 14th Sept. at 10.30 am until 4pm at the Town Hall. If you wish, the final meeting of the women’s group is tomorrow (Thursday) above the Olde Talbot pub (down the side of the pub and up the stairs) from 6.30 until 9 pm., then every Thursday evening at the new venue.
    As i’ve said, you are more than welcome, just ask for Jo (my wife) or Michelle.
    There is also a facebook group and hopefully here is the link!

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